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Green+Aquamarine: Om Yoga Magazine: Small Spaces

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Om Yoga Magazine: Small Spaces

Om Yoga Magazine

In my day dreams about the future after university, I like to think of yoga being firmly embedded in wherever it is that life takes me. As a marine biology student, I really want to make a career out of researching and protecting the oceans and environment. But at the same time, I wish to continue my practice in yoga further, ideally eventually taking on a teacher training course so that I can lead classes of my own. To be able to balance the two would actually be ideal; fulfilling both of my interests while also keeping myself working even when between biology projects.

Om Yoga Magazine SUP yoga

In this month's issue of Om Yoga magazine, we get to see Eve Menezes Cunningham's yoga studio -a studio so small only four students can attend any one class. Rather than seeing this space confinement as an issue, Eve has embraced it to create yoga as a flexible part of the Feel Better Every Day consultation clinic. By not having to worry about having enough students to cover the lease, and being able to organise additional classes, the small space has been worked to Eve's advantage.

Om Yoga Magazine

For someone considering being a part-time teacher, this piece really got my juices flowing. I remember seeing an article in an architecture magazine about a build that incorporated a yoga studio space, and I have always loved George Clarke's Small Spaces program. Being able to have my own mini-studio, perhaps in the form of an outbuilding, would be amazing. Or, hiring a small-scale space in an unusual setting brings a different aspect to learning yoga. Eve's students praised the cottagey feel of the studio that is full of character, with original beams finding a use for balancing postures.

Lots of photos of yoga are in big, open outdoor spaces, or top-of-the-range studios. I think that in presenting ourselves with new, unusual places to practice, we become more open to new experiences. Have a look on my Pinterest board for some of my inspiration for inspiring small-scale yoga spaces!

P.S. -there is still time to enter my competition to win a pair of tickets to the Om Yoga Show in Manchester next month worth Ā£40. It is a fantastic event with free classes and workshops, lots of brands, yummy food and lovely people!

Disclaimer: I am an Affiliated Blogger with Om Yoga Magazine. Each issue I will write a post on an article from the magazine and share it with you. Have a look here to find about the other lovely affiliated bloggers. All photos in this post taken from the Om Yoga magazine. 

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At 29 April 2015 at 12:38 , Blogger Natasha Wynn said...

Love this! I always use Om Yoga Mag's Amazing Spaces as inspiration for my own studio! http://www.danceflowlift.com/om-yoga-magazine-amazing-spaces/
Tash x

At 30 April 2015 at 10:39 , Blogger Eleanor MayC said...

Yes; that's one of my favourite sections in the magazine! One day, hey? ;)
Eleanor x


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