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Green+Aquamarine: Chocolate and Cherry Paleo Parfait

Monday, 20 June 2016

Chocolate and Cherry Paleo Parfait

Granolas are something of a staple in the breakfast cupboard, being useful for adding to smoothie bowls, crumbles and baking besides merely the traditional bowlful with milk. I decided to embrace the flavours of the 80's with a chocolate and cherry combination and shake up the breakfast parfait with a healthy twist. Planet Organic has released a range of paleo granolas* including a rich chocolate flavour, which is disappearing way too quickly! Whist I have no fear of grains -my Instagram account is a testament to my love of porridge! -having a granola was something I was more than happy to try, especially when it promises a high protein content. It is also full of goodness including sunflower seeds, cashews, chia seeds, coconut, cacao and dates rather than being packed with high sugar, refined ingredients. The recipe here is more of an assembly job than exact science, so use the quantities as a rough measurement based on how hungry you are feeling.

Black Forest inspired parfait, using Planet Organic's paleo granola. Via @eleanormayc

Adding chia to a fruit compote is an easy way to create the set of a jam without adding lots of sugar -it is the pectin in sugars that helps a jam to solidify. The chia jam becomes more solid as it sets, so you can either make this breakfast the night before for a speedy morning, or make it fresh and serve warm and runny. The lemon juice and small amount of sugar from the honey gives the cherries the additional sharp, bright flavour that marines beautifully with the dark chocolatey granola. Alternatively, you can check out Meridian's range of jams which use apple puree instead of refined sugar.

Black Forest inspired parfait, using Planet Organic's paleo granola. Via @eleanormayc

Ingredients -for the jam

  • 2 cup cherries, stones and stalks removed
  • 2 tbsp chia seeds
  • 2 tbsp honey or other sweetener, to taste
  • Juice of 1 lemon
For the parfait
  • 2 tbsp cherry chia jam
  • 40g (about 3 tbsp) chocolate granola*
  • 100ml yogurt -coconut (paleo, vegan), Greek or natural all work
Black Forest inspired parfait, using Planet Organic's paleo granola. Via @eleanormayc

Grab a glass or jar and sprinkle over your first tablespoon or so of granola, followed by enough yoghurt to cover it, and finally all the jam. Add a further layer of granola and yogurt, and top with fruit, extra granola and anything else that you fancy. Eat straight away, or leave to allow the flavours to mingle. And that's it!

*Denotes PR sample. All thoughts, opinions and work is my own.



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