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Green+Aquamarine: Lush Soapbox Campaigns

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Lush Soapbox Campaigns

Anyone interested in earth-friendly campaigns, cruelty free products or delicious smelling toiletries will have made their way to a Lush shop to stock up on products. I love how they provide a voice for organisations, and whilst looking at their website this week, I came across a petition by Protect Our Heritage on their Soapbox that rang strongly with me.

As a marine biology student, and environmental supporter, one of my greatest concerns is the health of our oceans. So reading an article potentially giving us the power to ban deep sea trawling was exciting, if humbling at the same time. Trawling is one of the most destructive forms of fishing; it rips up delicate sea beds, destroying the habitats to create underwater wastelands... which in turn, makes the area unsuitable for the marine life that is fished to survive. Stupid, right? Protect Our Heritage explains the current situation much better than I could:
The European Commission has proposed a ban on deep-sea bottom trawling, a practice described by scientists as the most destructive in History: huge weighted nets scrape the seabed at up to 1800 meters of depth and devastate in seconds ecosystems that are thousands of years old, while catching vulnerable species, some of which are endangered, in the process.
While UK fishing vessels do not target deep-sea species with bottom trawlers, foreign ships come and destroy the UK’s exceptionally rich marine biodiversity and clear-cut ecosystems that have taken thousands of years to form.
Industrial fishing lobbies put pressure on Member States of the European Union to avoid the prohibition of this fishing method, whose underperforming and subsidy-dependent business model belongs to the past. Currently, the UK government does not support the ban on deep-sea bottom trawling! This is unacceptable. Waters of England and Scotland should not be theater to the short-sighted massacre of 4000 year-old corals that are the equivalent of pyramids to Britain!

If this article has caught your interest, if you want to protect our seas and marine life, or even if you simply want to ensure the stability of fish stocks, please add your name to the petition. Every person makes a difference.

For further information, click here.

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