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Green+Aquamarine: Superfoods Summary: Wheatgrass

Friday, 8 August 2014

Superfoods Summary: Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass has been a popular health suppliment and all-round superfood for a while now, but what does it actually do? The plant itself simply is the youngest blades from the common wheat, and can be grown at home to be juiced fresh. Alternatively, it can be bought as pre-made juice, powders or tablets.

Wheatgrass contains some 70% chlorophyll. What I was interested to learn is that the chlorophyll molecule is near identical to our hemin molecule (the pigment which forms haemoglobin to carry oxygen within our blood). As a result, ingesting chlorophyll is reported to increase haemoglobin quantity, and therefore oxygen capacity, in the blood. This is essential for brain function, as well as keeping all tissues healthy and able to respire at optimum rates.
 Chlorophyll is also anti bacterial and binds to toxins, so acts as a natural detoxifyer.Wheatgrass is popular as a source of chlorophyll, because it also contains all essential amino acids (the protein building blocks that we need to get from food as we cannot synthesise it ourselves). Along side this, wheatgrass can contain up to 92 out of the 115 soil minerals. This means that wheatgrass is a nutritional powerhouse, and in trials has been shown to keep herbivores alive indefinitely. (check out The Chalk Board for more info)

I have been taking wheatgrass for the last few weeks, so I thought that I would share my experiences of it:

I have been taking it in organic powdered form, because this seems to be the easiest and most readily available form. The powder smells very "green" -I honestly can't think of another way to describe it -and has a strong taste. I've been diluting wheatgrass with a fair bit of water, having a teaspoon with a full glass rather than a shot of liquid. It weakens the taste and ups my water intake, which seems like a win-win to me! I've also added to smoothies, although in slightly less generous amounts so that it doesn't alter the taste too much.
Since I feel pretty healthy anyway, it is hard to pinpoint exactly if I have noticed any effect, but you certainly feel cleansed after taking some. Slight nausea after having wheatgrass (which I have experienced once) is supposedly a sign that it is taking any lurking junk out of your body as part of the detoxifying process. Maybe it is a mental placebo, but I feel better for adding this into my diet. You can pick up Naturya wheatgrass powder from many health food shops including Holland and Barrett for around Ā£7.99.

If you've tried wheatgrass before, comment below to share your experiences!



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