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Green+Aquamarine: Raw Treats

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Raw Treats

Okay, okay. A treat is a treat, so I can't quite label this post as healthy. But, there is a growing popularity in goodies that are slightly less "bad" one way or another -being (refined) sugar free, raw, vegan, or full of organic antioxidant goodness. After finding myself in a Tescos so huge that it had it's own health food and supplement section, and an actual brow waxing bar, I came across these bars and decided to have a try.

First is the Beyond Berry Bite. I bought this intsy little bar as an extra to try, although they are also available in larger sizes. These bars reminded me of the Nakd bars that are getting pretty popular (I talked about them here), being made mostly from dates and almonds. The acia wasn't my favourite flavour in the world, but the little bite sized bars would make for a nice pick me up on the commute home when you don't want to spoil your appetite *too* much.

Photo from Better Raw
Next up is the Om Bar with goji berries. I liked the mix of the dark chocolate with the warm, earthy fruitiness of the berries. The flavour is quite pronounced, so avoid if you don't like the after taste of goji berries. Om Bars are a raw, organic chocolate brand, specialising in interesting flavours and antioxidant rich chocolate. Many bars are also probiotic, giving them extra health brownie points.

The second Om Bar was my favourite of the entire haul. The coconut cream was blended into the chocolate itself, giving a smooth texture, although it lacked the really sharp snap that pure dark chocolate bars have. I absolutely loved the flavour, although as a coconut lover, it isn't too surprising. Again, having the dark chocolate instead of milk makes the difference in keeping the chocolate from being overly sweet.
Finally is the Bliss Bar. I had heard of these for a while now, but not really known what they were. This is a raw chocolate  ashwagandha and macs. It claims to be "immune stimulating, energy-giving and libido-enhancing" (just want you always wanted in a brownie, right?!) My mum wasn't too keen, but I quite liked the fudgy texture. The bar had a surprisingly fruity after taste (could have just been the goji berry bar hanging on, mind). The chocolate taste (derived from raw, cold pressed chocolate) is quite subtle, so don't be expected a rich chocolate brownie. But definitely worth a try if you're into eating lots of micro nutrients.

What healthy bars should I try next? Drop me a comment if you have any recommendations!

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