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Green+Aquamarine: Healthy on a Budget: Green Dream Smoothie

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Healthy on a Budget: Green Dream Smoothie

I am starting a new series today, all about eating, living and being healthy on a budget. Keeping the books and the scales both balanced can be tricky and, as a student, I thought I'd share some recipes and tips that I use to manage this.

Green juices and smoothies are seriously having a moment -see my green protein smoothie recipe here -but can get quite expensive with their plethora of ingredients and supplements. I thought I'd simplify this recipe into an affordable basic to have to hand. You can buy large bags of frozen spinach for a low price to save extra money an ensure that you always have some spinach to hand without it going off. If you do happen to have anything extra in your cupboard such as wheatgrass power or spiriluna, by all means throw in a spoonful.


  • A handful of fresh spinach, or 4-5 cubes of frozen spinach (defrosted)
  • 1 banana
  • 200ml almond milk

Simply blend together, adding sweetener such as honey if desired. And thats it! This smoothie is a lovely fresh pick-me up at any time of the day. The recipe was suggested by yogi rebel Tara Stiles, and it really is the perfect drink to have after an hour or so practicing yoga.

Stay tuned for more Healthy on a Budget posts!

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At 5 May 2015 at 22:52 , Blogger Charlene said...

This is such a good idea for a blog series - healthy eating, especially smoothies, can get so expensive. The best part of this recipe is I already have all of these ingredients in my kitchen so I don't even need to go splurge on new bits from the supermarket to try it!


At 7 May 2015 at 12:24 , Blogger Eleanor MayC said...

Thank you; I'm glad you like it! I agree; it's a challenge to be eat healthily and with enjoyable meals without breaking the bank! Let me know how you get on.
Eleanor x

At 1 July 2015 at 15:43 , Blogger Jenny Olatunji said...

Looks delish!

At 1 July 2015 at 15:43 , Blogger Jenny Olatunji said...

Looks delish!

At 1 July 2015 at 15:43 , Blogger Jenny Olatunji said...

Looks delish!


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