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Green+Aquamarine: Getting my Protein Fix with MyProtein

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Getting my Protein Fix with MyProtein

I have to say, I am fairly new to the protein and supplement scene. As someone with an interest in fitness, getting my protein in is definitely important to me, but I have mainly been getting this from dietary sources, and have potentially not been meeting my daily requirements. So, when MyProtein offered to send me a few products to try and review, I was definitely interested! I thought I would share some ways to get extra protein into your day.

MyProtein, review, protein, supplements, weightlifting

I always look towards plant based sources where possible, so I was pleased to find a mix of pea, hemp and rice protein powder together and, moreover, in a chocolate flavour. Whey protein powders get all the interesting flavours so this was pretty exciting. Although I am used to less than sweet taste of pea protein, MyProtein also sells flavdrops, which a perfect for those of you new to vegan powders. The flavdrops are very concentrated and just smell amazing. For a filling protein shake, blend a 30g scoop of protein with almond milk, a banana and some toffee flavdrops if desired. The mini protein shakers from MyProtein are the perfect size for one portion to take on the go with you.

MyProtein, review, protein, supplements, weightlifting

I love, love pancakes for breakfast! (who doesn't?!). MyProtein's pancake mix uses whey protein and golden syrup flavouring, making it perfect for after a morning workout. Stuart and I enjoyed a lazy Sunday brunch of fruit and honey-topped pancakes and it kept me going for absolutely hours. It reminded me of the Betty Crocker pancake mix that I used to use whenever it we had pancakes, needing only liquid adding to it, and then being good to go. Super easy. If you prefer making pancakes from scratch, then adding a scoop of protein powder to your preferred pancake recipe may be more up your street.

MyProtein, review, protein, supplements, weightlifting

For protein on the go, MyProtein has created the surprising snack of protein-rich bread sticks. Rich in olive oil, these little morsel's are 30% protein and are just perfect with sun-dried tomato flavoured hummus. They are great to pop in your desk or bag for when you need a little something to keep you going. I had some alongside strawberries from a pick your own farm in the middle of a bike ride. It was a perfect way to refuel and get ready for the next ten miles of cycling! Warning: you'll need scissors to get in to the bag if you don't want to tear it in two whilst on a picnic!

You can see the whole range of MyProtein's women's fitness range here. How to you get your protein intake each day, or do you focus on other aspects of nutrition?

Disclaimer: I was sent a selection of MyProtein products for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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