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Green+Aquamarine: Om Yoga Magazine: Summer

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Om Yoga Magazine: Summer

The new issue of Om Yoga Magazine has arrived; rather appropriately in the middle of this heat as this month's is a rather summery issue. There was lots that caught my attention in the issue, from heart opening sequences, to "yogging", a blend of running and yoga, alongside a collection of quotation from major figures in the yogic communities.

Sea, ocean, natural therapies, natural beauty

I am always quite taken by the Natural Born Beauty section that talks about the benefits of seasonal changes, and how you can incorporate the fruits of these as a part of your natural beauty routine. This month focused on the lure of the sea, so I of course had to include it in this month's post. In the UK, we have a fairly narrow window in which to enjoy the coast in warmer conditions, so the author, Denise, encourages you to make use of the benefits of seawater by taking a dip. In yoga, a common breathing technique is called ocean breathing, and so it seems only fitting to sit meditatively at the edge of a beach and breath in and out in time with the crashing waves. One thing that can be enjoyed almost all year round is taking beach front walks, particularly in morning or evening when the shoreline is a little quieter.

To receive the energy boosting benefits of the sea when inland, Denise recommends using marine-based beauty products, and eating Dulse, a form of red seaweed. I thought that I would share some seaweed derived products with you today.

Sea, ocean, natural therapies, natural beauty

  1. Seaweed salt scrub, £12.95 | Neals Yard Remedies
  2. Seanik solid shampoo, £5.95 | Lush
  3. Bath and shower gel, £35.00 | Darphin 
  4. Seaweed and Sage body wash, £15.00 | REN
  5. Deep cleansing facial wash, £8.50 | The Body Shop
I love how many of these products use a variety of seaweed varieties, or incorporate other natural ingredients such as sea salt and lemon. Do you use any seaweed products or natural skin and body care? Comment below; I'd love to know!

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