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Green+Aquamarine: How to make time for fitness

Sunday, 14 June 2015

How to make time for fitness

There's a little saying that goes around that states "you cannot find time, but you kind make it" or thereabouts and it is something that I really believe in. I think many, or even most of us can say that we would describe our lives as "busy" and finding time for things like exercise and looking after yourself can definitely slip to the back of the priorities list.

Fitness tips

Every moment is an opportunity
Do you find that you have small gaps in your day? Lunch breaks, waiting for the train home, long commutes? All can be utilised. I catch up with emails and social media whilst on the bus, and then use the few minutes before work to do some beach yoga or exercises. Look out for evening classes if this is when you have your most free time then.

It all counts
You don't need a clear hour or two for exercise.  Throwing in a few ten minute sessions can be really beneficial, especially for flexibility and light muscle work. Set yourself a target of say, 50-100 press ups per day, in sets of 10-20 at a time. Or, if you have a slightly larger slot to workout in, go for a HIIT circuit. In less than half an hour you can be sweating and start to see serious results if you keep at it.

Fitness tips

Make you day active
One of the best examples of this is turning part, or all of your commute into a form of activity such as walking, cycling or running. Even if you have a long journey, see if you can get off the bus stop a little earlier or walk instead drive to the railway station. See what you can fit in during your lunch break. Even a walk provides great benefits, but also keep an eye out for short mid-day classes. Just don't forget to bring a few key toiletries to freshen up with!

Reset your alarm
If you can possibly manage it, sacrificing that extra hour's sleep is a great way to both get your exercise in and energise you for the day. The morning is definitely my favourite time to work out; it gets it out of the way in case anything comes up unexpectedly, and I always feel set up for the day. Go for a run as the sun rises, or sign up to a gym close to your work and lay out your kit the night before to make the a.m. workout as efficient as possible.

Fitness tips

Don't stress it
With all this being said, you don't have to micromanage, or beat yourself up if you can't always fit exercise in! Rest, both physically and mentally, is really important too.

I hope these suggestions helped and you are able to have more active days!

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