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Green+Aquamarine: How to get into Running

Monday, 12 January 2015

How to get into Running

I love running. Unfortunately, I really, really, don't like getting myself dressed and out of the house to go on a run. And I'm definitely not alone! Going out for a run is fantastic for your body. It is an excellent way of getting cardio training in, and the way that your feet pound the pavements and tracks is great for building up bone density. Like all exercise, running helps to fill your body with endorphins, supporting your mental as well as physical health. Plus, it is a free form of exercise for those of without a gym membership. I also believe the exercising outside is really good for you, in terms of getting fresh, clean air into your system, challenging different muscles with uneven terrain and stimulating your brain.

Despite all these benefits of running isn't the easiest thing to get into; it requires a lot of motivation until habit kicks in. So today, I have assembled five top tips for keeping going!

I used to hate the idea of morning runs, but now I find it is my favourite time to go. By running as soon as you get up, you don't have the thought of exercise looming on you all day and the AM sweat should help to keep you alert all day. Alternatively, work your run around your daytime schedule. Do you have a decent lunch hour in which you could squeeze in a run, or is threading up the trainers straight after work more appealing? Try a few different times out, and stick to one if possible.

Don't do it alone
You will have all heard this one a few times, but I really do find that having a friend working out with you makes a huge difference. You motivate (or guilt!) one another to go out, and you work as each other's pacemaker. There are also group events all over the country. Parkruns are becoming increasingly popular, where 5km runs are held every Saturday. They have also started 2km junior park runs for the under 14's. Look out for running groups local to you as well. Many have classes of different abilities, and the location may also moves, so you're less likely to get bored.

New Kit
If you're feeling nervous about going for a run, don't make yourself feel worse in a pair of uncomfortable, see-through leggings and a baggy top. You first priority (once you've committed to running) is to buy some good trainers. Seek a proper running shop to get fitted with shoes that suit you foot and running gait, but set a budget. If you live in the Leeds area, Up and Running are hosting a competition to win a Ā£100 voucher, which could buy you some new shoes or kit!

Good-looking sportswear is becoming increasingly accessible. Head to supermarkets or TK Maxx for budget options, or online shops such as Achilles Heel for discounted Nike and Asics kit.

This doesn't work for everyone, but consider putting aside money for every run that you go on. When you reach your goal amount of runs (have a target per month to make it more challenging!) treat yourself. For example, now that you're a seasoned runner, perhaps you'd like to buy a pair of beautiful technical leggings? I blogged about Sweaty Betty's new SS15 collection here if you are looking for inspiration. Having your reward based around running will help to keep you motivated to keep going. Alternatively,spa days, or manicures are good if you like to feel pampered.

Sign up to an Event
Commit to running by getting yourself on a race. Race for Life is good to start with, as you can choose a 5km or 10km, and getting involved with a charity is a great motivator. If you're feeling more adventurous, sign up to an obstacle course, or even a zombie run?! These events are fun, and you may find yourself with a new PB as you get immersed in the action.

I hope these tips helped and that you have a healthy and happy 2015!



At 12 January 2015 at 15:39 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I haaate running but I think that might be because I always do it on my own. Definitely considering getting a running buddy.

At 12 January 2015 at 16:36 , Blogger Eleanor MayC said...

It really is nice to go out with a friend, even though you can't speak! I have also read the odd book on the treadmill; a great distractor!
Eleanor xx

At 12 January 2015 at 17:00 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love these tips Eleanor :) I'm recently getting back into running and a treat from Sweaty Betty is going to be my reward if I can keep it up for a few months. If you could only buy one thing from Sweaty Betty, what would you recommend?
Jenny x

At 19 January 2015 at 21:39 , Blogger Eleanor MayC said...

Thank you! Oh my goodness, that is a tough one. Their 10k running tights are always on my wish list, but their technical yoga vests, such as the chaturanga vest, are also always excellent. If you click on my review button, in the categories on the left hand side bar, I have written a few Sweaty Betty reviews that may help you. Happy shopping! xx


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