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Green+Aquamarine: Winter Runs

Monday, 29 December 2014

Winter Runs

After Christmas, all I want to do is to get outside and stretch my legs. I think its the contrast that I like; opening up stiff muscles and joints that have previously unused whilst sat on arm chairs; and breathing in crisp cool air after being sat close to a warm fire. I had to postpone my Boxing Day run thanks to a cold, but yesterday I got to run with Stuart, which was really nice. It isn't often that I get to run with someone else, and I enjoyed being shown around a new route to me. From my family for Christmas this year, I received a few outdoor fitness and running tops, which I have been itching to try out. I also treated myself to some Nike running tights, which I absolutely love. They're not designed for winter, but as I get hot quite quickly they were perfect.

This is the first time that I have had kit specifically designed for winter running, rather than grabbing odds and ends that I can, and I was so comfortable. My Asics Fuji top is a great layering piece, although it could be worn just on its own. It is really bright in colour, and has 360' reflectivity so is suitable for all-day visibility. The tight hood stayed put and kept my ears warm -the last thing I want on a run is a chill-induced headache! The long zip is good for temperature control, and I love the thumbholes on the sleeves.

My Peter Storm base layer is designed more for power and hill walks as running makes the tight-fitting top ride up a little. However, it coped well on the run, keeping me warm where needed whilst wicking away sweat. It has carefully placed panels on the back, which look like they will be good for keeping skin breathing while carrying rucksacks up mountains and hills.

Asics Fuji Winter top: £29.99-35.99; Peter Storm Active top: £9.00 (was £25.00); Nike Pro Combat 2 Training Tights: £28.00

Big thanks to my boyfriend Stuart for taking this post's photos!

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