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Green+Aquamarine: Om Yoga Magazine: March

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Om Yoga Magazine: March

Reading Om Yoga magazine is something that I look forward to each month, and is something that I am always excited to share with you. I was promised an interesting read this month, and I wasn't disappointed. This month's main feature is all about ethical clothing. Shopping organically and consciously is very important to me, if not always easy to achieve, either logistically or financially. So, I am always really happy to see new brands and ideas featured to keep me inspired and on my toes. Some really exciting brands were featured and I thought I'd share a few with you today.


When talking about ethical, planet-friendly clothing, organic cotton and bamboo tend to spring to mind. But Teeki activewear is all made from recycled plastic bottle, giving a bright new life to something that we buy and dispose of so casually as an international community. Each pair of yoga leggings uses around 25 bottles -just think of all the landfill site space saved if all polyester clothing were made in this way. And, as screen printing is not required, the process produces no polluted water making the process really clean. Teeki actually has a zero waste policy as part of their sustainability promise. Their popular leggings sell at £47.50, putting them in the mid price range category. Teeki also sells shorts, tops and children's leggings. If you're looking for bright printed leggings next pay day, these are the ones to go for.

Choclo Project

Choclo Project is more than just a fitness brand; it is a powerful instrument working to change the lives of underprivileged children in Peru. 5% of the sale price of the leggings, which can account for up to 100% of the profits goes towards these charities. In addition, the brand's headquarters are located in the Darwin Ecosystem in Bordeaux, giving the company great green credentials as well. Once again, I'd put this brand in the mid price range.

No Balls Yoga
Finally, is No Balls, a fitness company that uses eco-friendly bamboo. I have had my eye on this brand for a while and would love to treat myself to a pair of staple legging, yoga bra and maybe one of their pretty vests! Four different bamboo-based fabrics are used to cater for different activity levels, which isn't something that I often see with bamboo clothing. Bamboo is sweat wicking and anti bacterial, so this brand will see you through a variety of sports and classes. Although some of the more detailed, technical pieces can cost up to and above £60, you can also pick up a basic bra for a tenner and leggings for £20, making No Balls an option accessible for all.

Also in this month's issue was the article, Walking in Beauty, inspired by a Navajo blessing, by Denise Leicester. She talks about elevating our sense of being and clearing the mind in order to see beauty in all things. As spring is in the air, now is a perfect time to declutter the mind and rid it of expectations. Leicester encourages you to try that juice cleanse, sort out that to-do list or engaging in something new. During this time she encourages you to find beauty in what you do. In doing this you should find yourself cultivating a conscious path towards happiness.

Disclaimer: I am an Affiliated Blogger with Om Yoga Magazine. Each issue I will write a post on an article from the magazine and share it with you. Have a look here to find about the other lovely affiliated bloggers. All photos in this post taken from the Om Yoga magazine. 

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