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Green+Aquamarine: Get Fit for Free

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Get Fit for Free

One of the biggest barriers often cited to keeping fit is the cost of classes and gyms. It has certainly stopped me from taking out memberships over the last couple of years. So this blog post is all about keeping your change firmly in your yoga pants pockets.

Running has always been the first thing that I have turned to whenever I've had a sluggish few months and have wanted to get back to being fit again. And honestly, I find running outdoors is so much better than being stuck on a dull tredmill. The nature of going around a route forces you to keep going and get home, and with changing scenery the whole experience is much more enjoyable. There's a certain amount of will power required initially, but the result is so rewarding, and you'll quickly be hooked.

Online Fitness
In my Ballet Bootcamp review, I talked about the free classes run Sweaty Betty. These workout videos are taught by professionals, can be done in the safety of your living room, and are really good fun. I think a few other fitness brands do these, saving you from paying subscription fees.

Next is YouTube! Who doesn't use YouTube when looking for a tutorial on just about anything? If I'm looking for something new, I'll search for the type of workout that I want (eg Short arm workout with weights) and see what comes up. Otherwise, I'll check in to my favourite fitness YouTubers, such as Carly Rowena, Karena and Katrina or Blogilates.

Local Events
Keep an eye out for free fitness classes. Sometimes sports centres run free weeks, to get people involved, or sports shops like Sweaty Betty and Reebok (if you live in London) run free classes every week. Local running or cycling clubs are often free as they are usually organised by like-minded people. Doing something in a group brings structure and is great for keeping motivated. My local running club picks new routes every week, and has a beginner's night for the less confident.

Quick Tricks
According to the New York Times, 80% of jobs are classed as sedentary or light activity-based. As a result, adding small exercises throughout your day can make a big difference. I like squats whilst cooking, press ups whenever the computer freezes... it's really up to you. I heard of a woman who kept dumbells in the bathroom. Dedication or what?

Apps are everywhere now aren't they? How many times have you heard the phrase "There's an app for that"? And when it comes to fitness, there really are. The most popular out there has to be Nike Training App. I haven't used it myself, but there's supposed to be lots of exercises that you can tailor into full workouts. I'm forever switching between apps to keep things interesting, but I love Authentic Yoga (Deepak Chopra). You can follow or build routine, and each pose is properly explained, including the benefits of the Asanas.

Make a Day Out of It!
Finally, I would suggest adding in an active day every now and again. Walking is easy and completely free -apart from any cups of tea bought on the way! -and  it is such a good way to explore new or familiar settings. Bike rides are a real blast, and you'll amaze yourself by how far you can go. Much of my childhood memories are of cycling along the canal, up the famous Caen Hill Lochs and back home again, supplied with picnics or pub lunches. This week I cycled 26 miles around Kielder Water and it was such a rewarding, fun, challenge. When you're at the beach, go swimming or muck around with a volley ball on the sand. Get friends involved; the important thing is to have fun. The possibilities are endless.

If you want to win Ā£350 of home-gym equipment, share your free fitness tips in a blog post, adding the link below. The competition is generously run by Legal and General, so don't forget to add the link and let them know that you've entered.




At 26 June 2014 at 14:21 , Blogger Jasmin Charlotte said...

Definitely agree with you about running outside! Really need to get back into it but really struggle in the summer - too hot for me!! x

Jasmin Charlotte

At 4 July 2014 at 16:24 , Blogger Eleanor MayC said...

Oh, it always seems to be too hot or too cold -I honestly don't know how anyone in hotter countries cope! The outside tap has become a mini shower after runs on warmer days for me!


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