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Green+Aquamarine: Shopping: Yoga Bags

Friday, 20 February 2015

Shopping: Yoga Bags

When you start using a range of yoga equipment or have to get to class straight from work, you may find that a new investment is needed to streamline your routine. Be it a simple bag or strap to carry your mat when walking across town, or a large holdall to fit in work kit, a change of clothes and a few blocks, getting the right yoga bag will make your life much easier. Next year I will be walking or cycling to class, possibly with a few extra bits of kits thrown in, so a new bag is definitely on my list to purchase over summer. With the long, thin rolled up mats taking up an awkward amount of space, conventional sports bags don't really cut it, and it can be hard to find a yoga bag that you actually like and need. To help you out, I've listed six bags below:

Six Yoga Bags

1. Sweaty Betty mat strap £12.00 | This strap is the simplest of ways to carry your mat around. Suitable for a variety of mat thicknesses thanks to it's velcro fastening.

2. Yoga Emporium mat bag £24.50 | Made with organic cotton, this bag is environmentally sound as well practical. Fits mats up to 66cm wide.

3. Verada Etsy shop mat bag £19.00 | This pretty bag is handmade in Thailand, with a drawstring closing to fit a range of mats.

4. GymTote Sophia Tote £120.00 | Although this highly functional bag doesn't come with the cheapest price tag but works hard for your money. The main compartment has an A4 pocket for your work documents, hidden compartment for trainers and water bottles AND with a mat holder underneath.

5. Lululemon Cruiser backback £108.00 | This seriously technical bag works well for commuters and is a less feminine option, giving male yogi's a much-needed rucksack. It comes with a myriad of compartments, including a brushed pocket for sunglasses. Your yoga mat is safely attached outside the bag using a strap and hammock design.

6. Free People Yoga tote £51.00 | For the busy yoga student or teacher, this jute bag will carry pretty much everything. Exterior pockets let you keep essentials to hand whilst keeping your mat securely strapped in.

Alternatively, why not grab some sturdy fabric and make your own? I love this tutorial by Sincerely Kinsley. You need an old rug or sturdy fabric, an old belt and some leather or similar for the base. Have you ever got a bit DIY with your yoga kit? Tweet me a photo!

I'd love to see how you get to yoga classes and what your bag must-have's are, so comment below.

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At 21 February 2015 at 22:16 , Blogger Jordan Burrell said...

I love the GymTote bag, I would totally use it as a handbag too!

Jordan xx

At 21 February 2015 at 22:36 , Blogger Natasha Wynn said...

Great choices, I saw someone with the yoga hammock one from Lulu just today! I have a similar style to 2 and 3 but would love a gymtote! I've also tried making a mat out of a wide, straight leg, single trouser leg for a denim style mat bag! xx
Tash | www.danceflowlift.com

At 21 February 2015 at 22:37 , Blogger Natasha Wynn said...

*mat bag (not mat)

At 23 February 2015 at 22:47 , Blogger Eleanor MayC said...

Tell me about it! Such a lust item, and so smart!

At 23 February 2015 at 22:48 , Blogger Eleanor MayC said...

Oh that's such a good idea! Everyone has to drive or walk fairly short distances around here, so I see lots of the smaller bags. But the larger bags are such great all rounders; its hard to resist! x


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