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Green+Aquamarine: Sweaty Betty: BarreASANA

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Sweaty Betty: BarreASANA

I have previously talked about Sweaty Betty's Get Fit 4 Free campaigns, and I find myself posting about them again, because I really do think they are fantastic. This month's campaign is BarreASANA, a blend of barrecore workout and vinyasa-style yoga flow. Lead by ambassador Emily, with Maria and Chiara demonstrating modifications, the online class is easy to follow, whatever your experience level or ability. I'm fairly new to barre-workouts, having tried just a few online classes since my days of ballet-conditioning at gymnastics. However, I was pleased to find that, whilst challenged, my strength training and yoga practice meant that I was able to follow Chiara's more challenging modifications throughout.

Sweaty Betty, Barre Asana, Get fit 4 free

BarreASANA is described as a fusion fitness, and I love the way that the stretching yoga flow sequence and warriors works with the isometric barre moves. The two exercises both strengthen using body weight, and facilitate flexibility so fit together very well. Although the class flowed together very well, I found that having it organised into sections helpful, particularly as it minimised me having to adjust my laptop as I moved from standing to floor work. There was some nice hip and shoulder opening sections, as well as ab work so I felt like my whole body benefitted from the session.

Sweaty Betty, Barre Asana, Get fit 4 free

I was surprised to find myself working up a sweat, as well as feeling the fabled "barre burn!" Unlike when I do my weight-based workouts, I didn't feel like my muscles were getting shortened after, which was great. Don't get me wrong though; I love weight work too! I do feel inspired to try more barre-style workouts though, to target smaller muscle groups that I haven't necessarily worked before.  Emily, Chiara and Maria also shared their top picks for a Sweaty Betty Barre workout:

Sweaty Betty, Barre Asana, Get fit 4 free, fitness fashion

Sweaty Betty, Barre Asana, Get fit 4 free, fitness fashion

Sweaty Betty, Barre Asana, Get fit 4 free, fitness fashion

I think I will be repeating this workout as an alternative to some of my usual yoga practice over the next month -perfect for a short break from revision in the exam period! If you live near London, Sweaty Betty are running these Barre classes in Selfridges at 6:30-7:30 pm on Mondays until June 1st, so book yourself a place! Not in London? No problem -the BarreASANA class can be found online here.

Have you tried Barre before, or been to any Sweaty Betty events? Comment below, and tell me about your experiences!

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