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Green+Aquamarine: Natural Beauty: Waitrose Pure Face Cream

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Natural Beauty: Waitrose Pure Face Cream

Being in a small Welsh city and on a student budget, I was a little worried when my last face cream ran out. While I like to use the nicest skincare I can get (I'm currently loving the Elemis FreshSkin cleansers and exfoliators) this time around I knew a budget replacement cream was on the cards. I wanted to find a natural product so as not to irritate my skin, especially with the lower price range. My skin is prone to both sensitivity and breakouts (still!) so I needed a product that I could trust not to damage.

The solution came, surprisingly, in the form of Waitrose's in-house skincare range. I didn't even know that the supermarket had released its own cosmetics, but for a face cream 97% natural ingredients at £2.99, I wasn't about to complain. The cream uses Shea butter to moisturise and vitamin C to nourish.

Being so inexpensive, I wasn't expecting an amazing cream, just something gentle and lightly moisturising. But it so far is performing better than expected. Despite feeling initially thick, the cream is quite watery, giving it an unusual texture. This puts some people off, but I was surprised to find that the cream absorbed quicker and moisturised me more than my previous moisturiser.

Because of the price, I am quite happy to be generous about moisturising my neck and décolletage area, something I have skimped on when using more expensive creams.

In the week that I have been using this product, my skin has been feeling comfortably hydrated, and no new blemishes have appeared. It is by no means a hero product, but is a great budget or back up option to keep in your beauty cabinet.

The Pure face cream retails in Waitrose stores for £2.99, or two for £4.

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