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Green+Aquamarine: Natural Beauty: Coconut Oil Shaving Scrub

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Natural Beauty: Coconut Oil Shaving Scrub

I hardly need to give coconut oil an introduction do I? Popular for it's health benefits both inside and out, it has become as essential in the health junkie's life as green juices and chia seeds. I first started using it when making soap a couple of years back, but since then I have mostly been using the oil in cooking and baking only. I treated myself to a jar of Essential Organic's raw virgin coconut oil from my amazing new local health food shop recently, so I decided it was time to get creative.

For a cooking oil, coconut oil is relatively expensive (my large jar cost £8 or £9) but as a multitasking moisturiser/scrub/hair oil it suddenly becomes a pretty economical choice. I found the recipe for this online and although it is labelled as a shaving scrub it works nicely as a moisturising exfoliator for your face, lips, hands and body. It also smells gorgeous thanks to the two sweet ingredients. You could add a drop or two of essential oil to add extra benefits to your scrub.

This recipe is really simple; heat coconut oil gently until melted, with equal amounts of brown or granulated sugar. Pour into a jar and leave to cool, (in the fridge or at room temperature) stirring regularly so that the sugar stays in suspension as the oil hardens. You may find that you need to add a little extra sugar; the scrub is not an exact science and varies depending on the oil used and how you want your scrub to feel like. The sugar helps to stop the oil from setting rock solid. If your bathroom gets especially cold in winter, then a tablespoon or two of almond or groundnut oil will loosen the texture.

Give the scrub a last stir once it has mostly set, and pop it into your bathroom.

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