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Green+Aquamarine: University Outdoor Wishlist

Monday, 6 October 2014

University Outdoor Wishlist

Uni Outdoor WishlistHello! I thought that I'd share another wish list this week. One of the best things about attending university is the opportunities that you can get to try lots of new things very cheaply, or for free, in their societies. All my societies have a definite sea or outdoor theme -scuba, surfing, sailing and Endevor, our ocean sciences academic society. And, with Snowdonia quite literally on my doorstep, I'd like to get out walking and exploring too. With autumn very much here now -announced by force ten winds and rain yesterday -I have found myself evaluating what I need to stock up on over the coming months... plus a few non essential extras!

1. Sports Bra, Nike £17-25.00 depending on design

With the on site gym a mere twenty meters or so from my room, I hardly have an excuse not to get a sweat on. I've somehow managed to leave one of my only two medium/high impact sports bras at home, so another Nike Pro number would be perfect! I was surprised to find that the top is supportive enough for short runs on the treadmill along with all my other exercises, so it is a great all-rounder.

2. Vest, Nike

To go with the sports bra, I definitely need a few new tops. I've been heavily relying on my Sweaty Betty Athlete Tank, which is so good, really comfortable and sweat-wicking. This time though, I fancy a looser vest like this Nike one to show off my pretty sports bras!

3.  Eko Superlite Yoga Mat, £35.00

I think it would be really cool (oh man, did I just say "cool"?! Seems like school wasn't so long ago...) to have a travel yoga mat for quick stretches or mat workouts on the go! With the weather cooling off, and outdoor yoga becoming less possible, I would love to find some new yoga spaces to practice in. And, come summer, this mat would be perfect to take on my travels.

4. GoPro Hero3+ Silver, £229.99

Next is a definite luxury, a GoPro camera! GoPro are the leaders in durable, waterproof camera's. They are incredibly small, yet can take powerful videos and multiple exposure photos. A few friends have them, along with serval people in the surf club, and with the amount of time that I'll be spending in the water this seems like a valuable investment for me. Speaking of, I have finally booked my paid Open Water scuba qualification next month and I can't wait! I want to take as many courses as possible over the next few years. GoPro's new Hero4 has just come out and has left me drooling, but realistically I'd be looking at the mid-range Hero3 Silver, which looks perfect.

5. Walking Boots

Walking boots will certainly be on my christmas list this year, if I want to look after my ankles whilst walking or on field trips!

6. Changing Robe, £29.99

And finally, something that I think should be my top priority, is a Robie. It's a towel designed to be worn like a hooded poncho, and is pretty much essential for keeping your modesty and warmth during the kerbside change after a surf. They're also popular with triathletes and outdoor swimmers post-race to keep you insulated from the cold.

Comment below if you'd like more wish lists or university-based posts!

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