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Green+Aquamarine: Vegan Life Magazine: Bringing Vegan into Vogue

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Vegan Life Magazine: Bringing Vegan into Vogue

When Om Yoga Magazine launched it's sister publication, Vegan Life, my ears pricked up. While I'm not vegan myself, I'm trying to keep my consumption of most animal products to the minimum. As a result, I was pretty interested in what recipes, products and ideas would be offered in the new magazine, which happens to be the first high street magazine dedicated to veganism in the UK.

The magazine is full of interesting ideas and uses non-glossy paper, which fits in with the organic mood of Vegan Life. I liked the News section, which was really informative (especially when familiar places to me like Centre for Alternative Technology were mentioned!) and the new products page was helpful too. The articles were engaging and informative without lecturing.

I particularly liked the debate section, where the first issue's topic was on whether it was acceptable to eat eggs if they came from your own rescue hens. This was something that I had often wondered about myself since most eggs laid are infertile and therefore a waste product, but still from an animal. I thought one side had a better argument than the other, but I will leave that up to you to decide upon...

There was a good cover of different vegans, from health experts, to mums and newly converted couples. I was also pleased to see blogger Aine Carlin of Pea Soup Eats mentioned, who's Buddha Bowl recipe I shared here.

Overall, I was really impressed with the magazine and it's range of features. Some readers might want slightly more focus on recipes, but it is down to personal taste. You can read a free excerpt here. The magazine retails for Ā£3.95, which seems fairly reasonable for a more niche magazine like this. Available in larger newsagents, supermarkets and some health food shops, the next issue is almost due!



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